Rising Awareness

A journey to create a movement that will leave apathy and racial issues behind us. To equip coaches with the skillset to effectively navigate through the "messy and uncomfortable conversations", around racism and social issues of the past, present, and future.

"Difficult conversations about culture and racism will happen, however coaches can change the world one client and one conversation at a time. "


The raising consciousness and acknowledging that systemic racism has been and continues to be a part of our story worldwide.


The public act and process of supporting the cause of social change and equality so that apathy does not set in again and again.


The public supportive association with another person or group, specifically with members of a marginalized or mistreated group.


The act of vigorous campaigning to bring about social change through our coaching relationships. One conversation at a time.

The Rising Awareness Journey

Virtual events in 2021 care coming soon.

Mission - We are creating a movement of professional coaching that leads to influencing social change.

Vision - Global professional coaches co-actively working together as thought partners and collaborators: to raise awareness, acknowledge, and dismantle (eradicate) systemic, institutionalized, and structural racism in the workplace and societal institutions.

Core Values - Love (Agápé) – the ancient Greek word for “unconditional love.”

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